I started this blog to help people find how they can find free and low-cost training online.

In recent times, especially, organisations have been providing free learning materials when they haven’t before. I believe everybody should take advantage of these whilst they are available and I started this blog to collate all of these learning materials and to help others find them too.

I myself went to university and achieved a Bachelors degree in web design at a premium cost. And later went on to do a second Bachelors degree in business. The former degree turned out not to be so valuable as the industry is so fast moving that most of the knowledge and skills I gained were quickly defunct.

That is why it is important to be flexible and adapt to new situations in the workplace. That is why also, it is a good idea to be always open to personal development opportunities. Be active and proactively look for ways to improve your education and career prospects. What is good career option now may seem very different in the future. Just look at the impact the recent global situation has had on the world. People who thought they were in a good position work-wise were largely told that their position in an organisation as an employee or even a freelancer, was not important enough for them to leave their homes to turn up to work.

It is important to be happy with your job or source of income, as much as the income and monetary gain it may provide. Learning a new skill or developing upon skills or hobbies by gaining certification or a qualification can lead to a whole new career opportunity.