Why I Started This Blog

Before I get into my next post, I want to do create a little explanation and say a little bit about why I started the site in the first place.

in recent years I have seen a great change in the way people are starting to learn.  in the past it was always the case that if you wanted to learn a new skill or get a new certificate in something you would have to actually attend a physical course. now is sites like Udemy and other similar learning outlets online you can learn a new skill in the comfort of your home and it’s really really easy.

┬áthere are plenty of sites that can teach you a new skill. But what good is a new skill without the certification or grade to back it up and show to a potential employer? That is why I am complaining list of resources to share with you all – to show you how to learn online and how to get new skills to put on your resume or CV. Plenty of people have used the last four years to train NZ in a new area of the current industry also switch to a whole new field or career avenue.

That is why I started the site and you will find plenty of resources and links to places where you can get free education or low-cost. all these have been tried and tested and vetted by myself or my business partner.

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